7 Gaming Stocks To Buy & Hold Forever (2021)

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Everyone is making money in 2021 through gaming, don’t you want to earn some? Yeah, you want to, that’s why you are here, that’s why you are searching this on google.

Alright, that’s enough, now you need not go and search anything else as I am going to tell you everything in detail that how you can make money from the gaming industry just by adding some stocks to your portfolio.

A wise said the stock market is that place that can make an entire country rich, but the funny thing is people don’t want to get rich. They don’t want to leave their bubble of being comfortable of not being rich.

But, you are not one of them, and that’s the first step one should take to be better than others. As you know that gaming industry is booming so fast that no one has ever imagined.

Every company is making their devices so smooth for gaming that no one should feel any lag while playing. Processors, graphic cards, wifi cards, RAMs, are getting so fast these days, that they can handle any sort of games companies are focusing so much on their products to be faster and stronger.

If companies are producing what people need then it is obvious that that company will grow and if that company will grow then you must have shares of those companies to grow along with them. You might be wondering now that after which companies’ stock you should go. In this article, I am going to tell you about 7 companies that have a very bright future, and you must invest in them.

Best gaming stock to buy and hold

1. Nvidia Corporation: Whenever you talk about gaming, this name pops up automatically. This is the biggest game in this industry. Nvidia has changed the way we used to play games. The best graphics card that can handle anything on this earth is the production of Nvidia only.

Nvidia Share Price Graph | Source: Google Finance

The Nvidia was listed on NASDAQ in 1999 with just a value of $0.41, and in August 2021 the value of this stock is $226.36. This stock has given returns of 55,110% in almost 20 years, which is flabbergasting. In the last 6 months, returns were more than 63% which is not bad at all, you should invest in this stock and must hold it for a very long period, at least 5 years.

Nvidia has a market cap of 565.90B USD. The company also offers a dividend of around 0.07% which is also a good point of this stock. Investing in this stock, you need not think twice. Start your investing with this stock which has given such outstanding returns in past.

2. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.: If there is anyone who can compete with Nvidia in today’s market then that is AMD. Advanced Micro Devices has improved so much over the years. This 40-year-old company is giving tough competition to every other company in the segment. The recent graphics cards are beast, the level of performance they are giving with keeping the price in mind for an audience is the best tactic they used to bounce back in the market.

AMD Share Price Graph | Source: Google Finance

The stock has given a return of around 3650% since the day it is in the market, but in the last 5 years, the returns were more than 1383%. The interesting thing is, it has given 29% returns in the last 6 months.

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The company with a market cap of 135.12B USD has a bright future. The recent improvements in the GPUs have made everyone rethink before deciding between Nvidia and AMD. The competition between these 2 is the main reason for the growth of both of them.

3. Intel Corporation: Intel Corporation is an American multinational corporation and technology company. The company made revenue of 77.87B USD in the year 2020. Intel is a company that develops and manufactures microprocessors and other semiconductor components.

Intel Corporation Share Price Graph | Source: Google Finance

Intel has performed very well in the market over the years. If you see the graph it has given the maximum return of 76,885% from September 1981. Intel has given 49.36% of return in the last 5 years. Intel has faced so many short-term downfalls but managed to come back strong every time.

One of the biggest positives of this stock is that it gives you a 2.58% of dividend yield which is the maximum among all the shares that will be discussed today.

4. Electronic Arts: It is impossible to ignore EA when we are talking about games. We all have played at least one game released by them. Need for Speed is one of my favorite games, and of almost everyone, other than that FIFA, Apex Legends, The Sims, The Battlefield are one of the top games from EA.

Electronic Arts Share Price Graph | Source: Google Finance

EA has done really well in the stock market as they have done in the gaming industry. They have increased by over 28,488% from the 1990s. In recent years also, it has managed to give returns of 71%. Dividends of 0.48% are the cherry on the top.

5. Sony: This is one of the most used brands in the gaming industry. From Desktop monitors to Playstation 5, Sony has introduced the best of quality products in the market. PS consoles, dual sense wireless controllers, and VR sets have changed the way we used to play games. Sony owns some very interesting games like ATV Offroad Fury, Dark Cloud, Extermination, Formula One, and many more.

Sony Share Price Graph | Source: Google Finance

As you can see in the graph above, sony has grown significantly over the years. The returns of 1,162% in the last almost 40 years can’t be ignored, in the last 12 months, the company managed to provide returns of 31.29%. Sony has cash worth 1.29T USD in hand, which is a very good sign for any company. By reviewing the net income, profit, and revenue the company seems very easy to invest in. It would be one of the best investments in the long term.

6. Microsoft Corporation: You can’t even move without this company. You wanna play games but if there is no operating system then how would you? Microsoft owns many flagship products like Windows, Xbox video game consoles along with these Microsoft also owns some very brilliant games like Forza, Age of Empires, Gears of War, Minecraft, Microsoft Solitaire, Halo, Microsoft Flight Simulator, State of Decay, and many more.

Microsoft Corporation Share Price Graph | Source: Google Finance

The company was first listed with NASDAQ Exchange with a value of $0.10 in 1986 which increased to $300 in 2021. The value has shown growth by 299,620.0% over the years. In the last 6 months, the company has shown a growth of 28.13%, which is very good.

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The company has a market cap of 2.25T and is doing great innovations, the future of the company is almost secure as they have become a necessity for everyone. You will also get a dividend yield of 0.75% as a bonus in your portfolio.

Microsoft is such a huge company, the value of a stock is high but if you look at the future perspectives then you must start investing in this tech giant. Buy this now and hold it for almost 10 years and you won’t regret this decision. As the value is high, you may buy stocks in fractions, in this case, you must buy fractional parts of stock every month so that you’ll manage to have some number of stock in the whole number.

7. Logitech International SA: Logitech International is an American Swiss manufacturer of computer peripherals and software. The company has had a great impact on the gaming industry. The mechanical keyboard and wireless mouse as the most used product from Logitech, other than that company has almost every product you need to while playing video games like mics, speakers, webcams, mouses, keyboards, headsets, and many more.

Logitech International SA Share Price Graph | Source: Google Finance

Logitech was listed with SWX Exchange back in 1997 with a value of just $2.02, and now the value of one stock has increased by 5,082.18%, and the value reached $104.68. The market cap of Logitech is around 17.96B USD and gives 0.91% of dividend which is great to have something extra as profit.

The company is working to improve the designs and build quality keeping the future of gaming in mind. The future of the gaming industry is going to be very bright, and that can be possible if one has the best products to play those games with. Logitech has launched many programs by which they are analyzing the behavior of people so that they can design the best products for everyone to make the experience of playing video games much easier.

How to turn 10 grands into million dollars

People usually ask how to turn 10K into 100K, but why settle for less when you can have more. Wouldn’t that be amazing, if your 10 grand turned into million dollars in few years? So, here I would explain this with the help of an example so that it would be easily understandable for you guys. Let’s take the example of Microsoft.

In 1980: If you have invested 10K in 1986 you would have 100K shares, and the worth of them would be $3030000.0 in 2021. So, it is more than turning 10K into 100K, it is like turning 10K into 30 Million in just 35 years with no effort done.

This is just one example, Nvidia would have made you 5.4Million Dollars out of 10K from the year 1999 to 2021. Electronic Arts would have made you 2.9 Million Dollars. There is no limit to providing you examples. Just make a mindset and start investing now.[Do your OWN research before investing, it’s your money and it should totally be your decision]

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Future of gaming industry in stock market

Well, no one knows anything about the future, but what we can do is predict. As per the predictions based on data, the industry has a very secure and growing future. This pandemic has given a lot of boost to the gaming industry.

These above-mentioned companies have done great in past and their future plans are even better. Companies like Microsoft, Sony, Nvidia, AMD, Intel are not totally based on the gaming industry. They have a huge market cover with a range of products and services. There were times when they showed some downfalls in the graphs but that’s the beauty of investing in the long term. Any company, especially these kinds of companies always recover from any short-term losses.

Benefit of diversified stock portfolio

See, there are a lot of benefits of investing in different stocks. There might be a time when one or two of your stocks are not doing good, but others are performing very well in such a scenario your portfolio will always remain green(profitable).

Investing in different stocks is always a smart decision, as when you see your portfolio in the red color you start panicking and wish to withdraw all your money in loss and that is not what you should do. A diversified portfolio will help you in such scenes and will encourage you to invest more and hold more.

Is it a right time to invest in gaming industry

The years 2021, and 2022 are the best to invest in any industry(IMO). As you can see people are accepting gaming as a profession and people are making living out of it, which was not there in the past. Computers have become so powerful, thanks to Nvidia, AMD, and Intel that you can play any sort of game you won’t feel any lag or low framerate.

Companies are improving their products, new games are coming, guides to less expensive gaming setups are all available now which makes my statement more solid as the future of the gaming industry is going to boom all over the world.

Final thoughts:

Well, I have explained everything till now that you must know before investing. But again I would say that do some research on your end so that you would be satisfied with your investment.

There is no perfect time to invest, so don’t wait for the opportunity, just invest no matter what and be patient for few years and you will notice cash flowing from your portfolio. The gaming industry is on the rise and it might be the best time to take an advantage of the opportunity.

If you still feel anything that you must use the comment section to ask your query, we’ll do our best to solve your query and provide you with the best advice we can give, till then bye, and take care. See you lads in the next one.

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