How Good Is The Vauld App To Invest In Cryptocurrency?

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How Good Is The Vauld App To Invest In Cryptocurrency? –

Heard someone say, “Vauld is the best platform to invest in cryptos” and now you want to know whether it is true or not then, you have landed on the right page.

Read on to know all about the Vauld app and whether it is good to invest in crypto.

What is the Vauld app?

Vauld is a crypto trading platform, headquartered in Singapore. It was founded in 2018 by Darshan Bathija and Sanju Sony Kurian.

It is a cryptocurrency start-up that actually aims to infuse the core principles of banking into the crypto world. This means you can actually borrow, lend and earn interest on your crypto holdings.

In partnership with its respective exchange and custody partners, Binance and BitGo, Vauld says it offers a secure and accessible platform that is relied upon by users in more than 160 countries.

This platform was created seeing the already existing hype for cryptocurrency.

Though there are 300 million crypto owners in the world and increasing every day, then also there are some people who want to try their hand at crypto but don’t do that because of the risks associated with it.

Currently, it is the best app of its kind.

This app is truly like a dream come true for both; the existing as well as for the potential crypto owners.

Now, lemme tell you why I’m saying this.

Reasons to choose Vauld

Neutralizing risks associated with the cryptocurrency

We all remember what uncle Ben said in the Spiderman movie—”With great power, comes great responsibility.”

In the same way, cryptocurrency in today’s world is a great power. So, in terms of crypto, it’s like, “With great power, comes great risks.”

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Two major risks that come along with cryptocurrency, but are neutralized by Vauld are—

A malicious third party attack

Vauld places all of your crypto funds in a cold wallet.

A cold wallet is a wallet that is not connected to the internet and therefore stands a far lesser risk of being compromised. These wallets can also be referred to as offline wallets or hardware wallets.

Its no connectivity with the Internet makes it almost immune to external attacks.

In addition to this, their security systems are audited and they work with white-listed ethical hackers on regular basis to help them discover vulnerabilities in their systems.

An intentional or unintentional human error

The company has strong governance systems in place. The funds are managed through a multi-signature system with the co-founders as the signatories.

Also, they welcome regulatory governance and are in process of getting licensed in Europe, Singapore, and the USA within the next 5 months.

Safe and secure

The company ensures itself to be a safe and secure crypto platform.

The firm is backed by major investors like Valar, being the lead investor, then Pantera, LuneX, Robot, Coinbase, etc.

Additionally, preparing for the worst, the firm is also insured for 100 million dollars against potential threats.

Two ways to grow your money in Vauld

The money invested in crypto via Vauld grows in two ways—

  • Increase in price of crypto
  • Interest on your holdings

Increase in price of crypto

This is the ordinary, understood way. When prices of cryptos in which you have invested go up then automatically your investment value increases.

Interest on your holdings

This is the extraordinary, unique way served by Vauld to facilitate the growth of your investment.

Yes! this is true, Vauld serves you with an opportunity to earn interest on your cryptos.

Just like fiat currency banks, it has got two options as well—savings & fixed deposits.

Vauld allows you to earn interest on your BTC, ETH, SHIB, and other cryptos as soon as you deposit your funds.

The interest is calculated daily and the payouts are rolled out weekly.

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The fixed deposits offer higher interest rates. The locking period can be one, three, or six months.

The interest is compounded every week or at the end of the term.

The best part is that no penalty is charged for opting out.

If you opt-out, you will receive fixed base interest for the duration your money was actually there.

It provides interest up to 12.8% with fixed deposits and 9.42% with savings accounts.

The table below mentions the interest rates of some popular cryptocurrencies:

Cryptocurrency Fixed Deposit Interest Rate (%)Savings Account Interest Rate (%)
ETH 6.74.6
USD Coin 12.689.41
XRP 6.74.6
DAI 12.689.41
Table showing interest rates of some popular cryptos, provided by Vauld.

You can check interest rates of other cryptos here:

Referral deposits

You can refer anyone to Vauld with your unique link, and if they join via your link or your code and deposit at least $100, you’ll get a referral bonus deposited in your referral deposits account.

Effective borrows

Vauld provides you with the facility to borrow against your tokens.

It offers you to take a low-interest loan against your existing crypto assets.

You can borrow up to an LTV (Lifetime Value) of 66.67%.

You have to pay only the interest accumulated during the loan duration. No additional charges, no hidden fees.

Vauld provides instant loan approval and token receipt. It also ensures an anytime payback facility, in flexible installments.

How Vauld works?

Vauld works in the same manner as fiat currency banks.

As soon as an investor deposits funds to their Vauld wallet, it goes to a centralized pool.

From this centralized pool, the funds allocated for lending are lent out to borrowers (with a float maintained for withdrawals on the platform).

This lets them (the company) give interest to their users.

The loans to their borrowers are risk-free. Borrowers are overcollateralized by at least 150% and are typically repaid in 30 days.

The funds allocated for trading are stored with Vauld’s trusted exchange partner (currently Binance), to facilitate trades on order books.

Vauld’s aims

Vauld has set high standards for itself in the crypto world. Also, it has taken the crypto hype on another level because of the following values—

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Customer first

Their core goal is to give a delightful experience to their customers, and their business, product, and tech goals are aligned accordingly.

They take the time to listen to their customers, incorporate their feedback. and resolve the problems as quickly as possible. They take customer satisfaction very seriously.

Extremely Competitive Rates

Their interest rates and trading fees are among the best in the industry.

You can earn interest of up to 12.68% (APY) on your cryptocurrencies, and borrow tokens with their spread being as low as 1%.

They don’t charge deposit or withdrawal fees or fix a cap on your daily withdrawals. You can check all their fees and rates here –

Versatile Customer Needs

There are several types of customers in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Buying, lending, trading are just some of your needs. They keep a continuous eye on the crypto ecosystem and try to build out a relevant and holistic platform for their customers’ cryptocurrencies.

Seamless Product Experience

Their team has deep experience in building tech products on a massive scale. They try and bring the best product experience to their customers so that customers have a seamless experience on their platform.

They are available across Desktop, iOS, and Android.

Transparent Business Practices

They have completely transparent business logic for all their products. You will not find hidden fees or charges anywhere on the platform. What you see is what you get.

Continuous Upgrades

They are constantly working to improve their ecosystem of products and partnerships. This reflects as small and large additions to their product offerings and improves the scope and ease of what customers can do on their platform.

Final thoughts

By now, you must have understood that Vauld is a fabulous app to handle your cryptos. It provides you with several features that make your crypto experience worth it.

Vauld provides you with a safer and more secure platform to invest in cryptocurrency. Though it does not reduce the volatility in cryptocurrency but neutralizes some risks associated with them.

So, if you found this post useful and worth reading then do share it with the people who might be looking for the same. Your queries, if any are always welcomed in the comments box.

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